Differences between Forever-lens and standard full-color projector/logo chip

Forever-lens projector can only use Forever-lens logo chip due to optical and dimensional issues. Details are as below;

To change Forever-lens to full-color projector (or vise versa), entire lens barrel needs to be changed

Forever-Lens Standard Full-Color
Projectors  Forever-Lens projectors Standard LED Door projectors
Logo Chip Life Span Forever 3~6 months *
(with free replacement)
Projection Color White Full Color
Material Laser etched glass Film
Custom-Made Logo 1 to 100 pairs 3-pairs or 50-pairs
Price Higher Lower
Design Collections Fewer, growing 50+ designs and growing
Switch to Forever-lens/STD Full Color logo chip Certain projectors could switch to Full Color Chips with lens barrel LENB-STD Certain projectors could switch to Forever-lens Chips with lens barrel LENB-Forever

* Full-color standard logo chip life span depends on temperature and UV exposure. Hotter temperature and more often projection results shorter life span.