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Install Insert

Install Inserts in 3 easy steps: take out old insert Remarks: To open enclosed projectors, [...]

Differences between Forever-lens and standard full-color projector/logo chip

Forever-lens projector can only use Forever-lens logo chip due to optical and dimensional issues. Details [...]

The LED fits my car, but there is no wiring from the door..

There are some trims that only has reflectors but wiring for lights. We are some [...]

The LED projector lens barrel had fallen apart, how to put it back together?

The lens barrel consists of 4 optical lens with specification arrangement, you can wipe the [...]

Can I turn on/off the D001 (VW and Porsche) side light?

Open D001 Switch to turn on/off D001 side light Use small flat type screwdriver to [...]

How to change logo chip (D007A, M001/TE001, M002/TE002, M005, M007)?

change logo chip for D005, M001/TE001, M002/TE002   Use a small flat type screwdriver to [...]

How to change logo chip (D001, D007-B/C, TE007-B)?

1. Open D001 (VW, Porche) LED 1. Open D007-B/TE007-B (Mercedes Benz) LED 1. Open D007-C [...]

How to change logo chip for D006 or TE006 (Toyota, Lexus, Infiniti)?

Step 1. Open D006/TE006 LED projector Step 2. Change logo chip Step 3. Put back [...]

The projection become blur, logo chips color faded, why and how to get replacement?

Due to high temperature in car and LED, the logo chips slide color may fade [...]

I have an upside down or turned projection, how to align it up right?

Due to the some car model light wiring and design (or the logo chips alignment), [...]