T021/T030 Ford/Lincoln mirror projector modification for alignment

For Ford owners, Before you bought T021/T030 for your FORD Edge, Expedition, Explorer, Focus, Flex or Taurus, please always check your original mirror light release tab position first (see below picture).

In case you bought T021 and found there is projection alignment problem, here is some tips to help.


Here is some tips.

Bad news is T021/T030 has a preset alignment angle and cannot be changed.  Usually, Above Ford models have it’s side mirror release tab angle like below pictures (L side pointing at 6~7 position, R side at 5~6 position).  If, for some reasons, one or both your mirror light release tab is somehow not at these position, the projection alignment will be off.
My projection is off.  But I really really want it!

If you really really want to make it works, you can do some modification on light.

  • Chip away the release tab on the LED projector
  • Plug to LED to the original light hole and turn it to right projection angle
  • Apply glue or silicone to fix projector in place firmly 

If you don’t like this method, please DON’T do anything to the LED and contact us for return



t021-mod-1 t021-mod-2