How to change logo chip (D001, D007-B/C, TE007-B)?

D001 change logo chip step 2
D001 change logo chip step 11. Open D001 (VW, Porche) LED D007-B-4-filler1. Open D007-B/TE007-B (Mercedes Benz) LED
D007-C-2b1. Open D007-C (Mercedes Benz) LED D001 change logo chip step 1change logo chip step 2
  • Use small flat type screwdriver or key shape tool (in box) to slip and tilt gently close the latches (circled in red in step 1).  DON’T break the latches
  • Pull out the logo chip with the flat type screwdriver and replace new chip
  • Make sure new logo chip is place in the right direction. Otherwise the logo projected with be left-right reversed.
  • When you put the chip to projector slot, both the back of the project and the logo chip upright image (non-reversed) should face you.