How to change logo chip for D006 or TE006 (Toyota, Lexus, Infiniti)?

D006_chip_2AStep 1. Open D006/TE006 LED projector D006 change logo chip step 2

Step 2. Change logo chip

D006 change logo chip step 3

Step 3. Put back lens barrel

 D006_chip_3Step 4. Put back circuit to enclosure
  •  Unscrew the circled screw as indicated in Step 1 picture
  • Slip screw driver between circuit board and the plastic enclosure and tilt
  • Take out the projection lens module and replace with new logo chip
  • Make sure new logo chip is place in the right direction. Otherwise the logo projected with be upside down
  • Put the lens module back to board with the logo chip handle point to the board
  • Assemble the board with the enclosure